After Sales Support & Maintenance

After sales support and maintenance for all the aforementioned solutions

With our professional maintenance and technical cleaning services, we effectively maximize customer investment in raised flooring.

Our teams are there for you to extend the wear-life of your raised flooring with understructure adjustments, panel rotation for even wear, replacement of broken raised floor edge trim or warped panels, refurbishment of raised floor delaminated panels, sub-micron filter vacuuming under the raised flooring, spot cleaning and professional raised floor surface cleaning.

On the other hand, our specialized HVAC maintenance group helps existing and prospect customers prevent future problems and unwanted costs; we do annual pre-season check-ups to keep your cooling system at peak performance.

Our HVAC Health Check has been acknowledged as the most comprehensive maintenance check-up in the region; it is carried out by our own highly trained registered engineers, with the minimum of disruption to customer life and/or business. We thus maximize your up time, eliminate unplanned interruptions, and maintain system efficiencies at optimum level. Our maintenance and technical support are quite diverse services to duly fit different customer needs;

They include the following:

  • Regular maintenance contracts
  • One-off visits for maintenance, repair or diagnostic services
  • 24 hour call-out service for contract customers
  • Preventative maintenance contracts

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