Who We Are

ECO ASSOCIATES is a leading contracting, construction and engineering service company that operates in the Middle East and Africa. Headquartered in Cairo, the company was established in 1999, and embarked immediately on projects and businesses in diverse fields. In 2008, the company was certified in ISO 9001:2008.

ECO ASSOCIATES is the embodiment of multicultural business; our logo is the business conceptualization of the Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser at Saqqara that encapsulates the notion of permanent progress and improvement. On the other hand, the name of the company is owed to the illustrious Italian medievalist, semiotician and philosopher Umberto Eco, who is a compatriot of our company founder and CEO, and became worldwide known for his best selling, award winning novels.

Comprehensively versed in construction and industrial projects and services, ECO ASSOCIATES designs, develops and implements market value-added, turnkey solutions for the General Contracting, Industrial, Construction, Energy, Government, and ICT sectors. In addition, the company acts in Egypt as the sole agent and representative of Uniflair S. p. A. Italy, global leader  in room-based precision cooling systems and modular access floors that in November 2010 has been acquired by Schneider Electric.

Our highly customizable solutions and services empower customers in Egypt and the wider region of the Middle East and Africa to perfectly address their diverse needs in areas, such as civil engineering works, mechanical and electrical engineering works, building management systems, raised flooring, precision air conditioning and HVAC.

When it comes to turnkey projects, we are renowned for our best-in-market implementation techniques, customer training, and world-class service. Our success can be measured in several ways; sustained growth, higher annual return, market share increase, business diversification are only some of the indicators. Our success relies on our human resources, the professionalism of our well exposed engineers, the technical prowess of our technicians, and our scrupulous quality initiatives.

In addition, working in tandem with our customers, we support their continued growth and improved profitability. This in turn strengthens the value of our business model, while ensuring exponential growth for ECO ASSOCIATES.

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