E.C.O. Constructions Operations

As the Construction Unit of ECO ASSOCIATES, E.C.O. (ECO CONSTRUCTIONS OPERATIONS) provides turnkey solutions to the major economic sectors.

E.C.O. (ECO CONSTRUCTIONS OPERATIONS) consists of civil, mechanical, electrical, and steel works, providing local and regional customers with the latest, and best quality.

In our fields of activity, we are acclaimed for our progressive methods of production, the
high-technology equipment used in our work, and the outstanding delivery of projects; we
are acknowledged as totally and continually abiding by the highest standards of quality and

Thanks to our highly qualified, specially trained, and well-exposed personnel, we offer comprehensive solutions that address all customer needs. From studies, construction to commissioning and after sales supporting, E.C.O. (ECO CONSTRUCTIONS OPERATIONS) ensures flexibility, durability, and high quality.

Our turnkey project management methodology empowered us with sound tools to deliver and maintain turnkey projects over the last decade, and we thus outperform competition, being top of the mind brand when it comes to turnkey solutions and services.

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