Word From CEO

Having anticipated trends and changes, I and my partners launched ECO ASSOCIATES in 1999 in order to bring forth a new vision and a fresh business model in the Contractors sector first in Egypt, and then throughout the wider region of the Middle East and Africa.

It all has to do with my personal passion for Egypt and the wider region, and my business conceptualization of the famous Djoser pyramid, which is also called step pyramid, and consequently became our company logo. Permanent improvement is an innate element of our business identity; we have sought to deliver unmatched quality, technological innovation, and world-class service, always welcoming challenges of execution, safety and schedule.

To do so, we initiated a totally new business philosophy that permeated our formation, purpose, management, ethics, operation, and delivery. Our customer-focused culture and our economic value added methodology helped us create a business successful enough to balance the interests of all parties involved, namely the shareholders, the employees, the customers, the society, and the environment. It is part of the company culture to view our customers as our real business partners, to demonstrate respect in managing the company and the company relations with the stakeholders, to evidence our environmental concern, social accountability, and corporate social responsibility and to testify to a particular interest for our employees and their families.

Over the years, we created an outstanding brand due to our integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, commitment and transparency; this resulted in a preferred customer status among our suppliers and subcontractors. During the recent global economic slowdown, we demonstrated remarkable resistance due to our wide business diversification, our role of innovation vanguard, and our culture of service excellence.

We have the hope that the recent political changes and the ongoing process of Egypt’s ushering into a new era will have a brilliant outcome, bringing about a more prosperous Egyptian society and a stronger Egyptian economy; we are here ready to meet all the challenges of a new economic environment that we have reasons to believe it will not be only local but also regional.

Today, ECO ASSOCIATES, along with our subsidiary companies, is operating in several countries of the Middle East and Africa, covering an increasing number of markets; we have grown to be a regional key player due to our dedication to deliver the highest standards of quality and excellence in each and every line of business we operate in.

With excellent employee retention, with an attractive working environment that captures talents and fosters skills, and with our well exposed and enthusiastic managers who are capable to do all it takes to increase our growth, we are leading ECO ASSOCIATES forward on a path that follows clear strategy for our future expansion and success.

In a fragmented and highly competitive market, we feel ready to face further challenges, being confident of our value drivers and proud of our multiple achievements in relatively little time. We stick to our policy of minimizing layers of overhead and / or management and we thus maximize our commercial leverage; we are here to put our expertise to work for you, and add more value to your project, while reducing any inherent risk.

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